Run 1,5 hours a week for two months

3 years ago
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Run 1,5 hours a week for two months
I hate running 😒 but I guess I should give it one more chance. The purpose is to get a better shape. And improve my well-being 😼 So my goal is to run 1,5 hours a week. It's 3 times by 30 minutes. Most likely it's too much for me. So I will start from 45 minutes a week...
Brenda Holl Brenda Holl 3 years ago
Good goal, good for you! 😊
Running for me was to hard, so I started cycling
_RoxyFoxy_ _RoxyFoxy_ 3 years ago
I don't have a bike I never rode it... but maybe I should try 😊
Victoria Gomez Victoria Gomez 3 years ago
🔥 🤩 🔥 do it do it
_RoxyFoxy_ _RoxyFoxy_ 3 years ago
😂 thx