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Drive above the sky at Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii

2 years ago
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Drive above the sky at Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii
I saw a photo of this road a few week ago in Instagram. And still keep thinking about it. It's something special which I never saw before... It's breathtaking! I can hardly believe it exists. So I quite sure I want to go to a trip with my family to Hawaii. That's my new goal!

I guess the photo has been taken here, at the Leleiwi Overlook

So we nee to get to Maui island which is the second biggest island in Hawaii. Then we need to tent a car and drive Haleakala Highway in the center of the island.

My husband supports me. So I need to discuss this with my children :) The flight from London to Hawaii takes 17 hours. It's not so easy...
Oliver Halleck Oliver Halleck 2 years ago
Wow, thanks I'll add this to my goals list too 😄
Anton Tishkov Anton Tishkov 2 years ago
Hi Oliver,
You can copy this goal right here at Goalposters :) Just hover the the two grey dots above the right upper corner of the goal poster. And then choose "Copy goal"! You will be available to edit the text and the entire poster. Good luck!
Brenda Holl Brenda Holl 2 years ago
I think there must be a special weather... right? 😐 Otherwise you wouldn't see such heavy clouds