New goal setting

We would like to help you to achieve your goals in a best way. Here are some important recommendations and guidelines for adding a new goal at the "New goal" page. Here are some note before we've started:

❗If you can do something right now, don't set it as a goal. Just do it.
❗Remember that a correctly set, formulated and visualised goal is a very big step towards success.

We believe in you! 😍 πŸ‘ And you must believe in yourself too!

1. Goal title

This is a very important part. Be as much specific as you can. If you want to travel somewhere, choose the right place and time. For example "Travel to Key West by car next summer". If you want to graduate, decide which university and which specialisation suits you best. For example: "Go to Stanford University, School of Engineering". If you want to buy a new car, choose specific model. For example: "Buy Tesla Model X by the end of the next year".

Advice: Don't forget to use a verb in your goal title. It should push ⚑ you to act.

2. Poster image

A goal poster is a main part of a goal visualisation. You should clearly see what you want. So please choose an image that shows your goal in a best way.

Advice A: Do not use abstract images. It doesn't make sense.

Advice B: Do not use funny pictures, because you should be serious about your goals.

Advice C: Do not use negative pictures. For example, if you want to quit smoking, do not use a picture with cigarette and smoke. You should see your goal result, not your current pain.

Advice D: Try to choose a picture with less details. Nothing should distract you from your goal.

3. Goal description

This field is optional. Here you can place a brief info about your goal, about your plans and resources you need to achieve your goal. When you set up a new goal, it's good to have at least a very simple plan.

Advice A: We recommend you to answer the question "Why do I want this?" We believe that understanding of your wishes and needs will help you to adjust your plans and to reach your goal much faster. Or to reject πŸ›‘ this goal and to set up another one.

Advice B: Use emoji πŸ˜ƒ in goal title and description. Emotions are the great instrument. Use it to make the message of the goal more significant and vivid.

4. Goal tags

This filed is optional. We use tags only for categorisation and better navigation as in Instagram and some other social networks.

Please note that hashtags should contain only letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Whitespaces are not allowed.

5. Public goals

Everyone can see πŸ‘€ public goals and only you can see your private goals.

We don't recommend making goals private. Let everyone see your goals. Share your posters. This will be your social promise. Also you may receive support or even some help from your friends and GoalPosters users. This is a very good opportunity πŸš€. Use it!